Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not Exactly Timely

May 5, 2010

Well, it has been awhile, but I promise to write more. More often.

Avery, my daughter, is now 9 months old. Her favorite thing to do, besides put everything in her mouth, is to pull herself up and stand and look at everyone at how proud she is that she can stand up. Then she gets cocky and tries to stand on her own This lasts less then one second before the fall. Every single time. One of these days she will try it and it will work. And then the game changes in the house. Not that it hasn't already. She is semi-mobile, with her crawling technique that she seems to have perfected. Crawl. Find thing to put in mouth. Crawl. Go to an area that she shouldn't find herself in. Get picked up and moved back to a safer area. Repeat. This takes its toll on the parents who are trying to get ready to go to work.

Having a child, as any parent will tell you, is an amazing experience. The little things that they do are big things in the house. Last week it was her being able to clap. This week it's standing up. Next week she will go to college. She is nearly 21 pounds now and it's hard to believe that she was under six pounds just nine months ago. She is a little person. She smiles when she sees us enter the room after she sleeps. She opens her mouth when we have food on a spoon for her (unless she doesn't), She loves to hear the Mizzou fight song on the stuffed Tiger. Good girl. Smiles every time I play it for her Good, good girl. I'm surprised that I don't hate wiping poop off of her. And that's a regular experience. Somehow we haven't screwed it all up yet. Yet.

I think I hate Facebook. That's a blog for another day.

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